Welcome to Fruita, CO!

Visit Fruita, Colorado today to take in some of the world’s best hiking trails, mountain biking routes and outdoor vacation spots. We guarantee that once you visit, you won’t want to leave.

If you're looking for beautiful and dramatic but human-scale landforms and fun-loving, down-to-earth people, you'll find all of that and more in Fruita, Colorado. This small but rapidly growing city anchors the western end of a lush, temperate agricultural valley fed by the Colorado River.

Surrounded by magnificent but easily accessible mountains (The Grand Mesa, the Colorado National Monument, and the Book Cliffs), as well as thousands of acres of public land, Fruita offers the best in high-desert adventure getaways.

Today the incredible variety of mountain-biking terrain available around Fruita draws thousands of new and returning enthusiasts every year. Nearby hiking trails take you to challenging highs and lows, up mountains and down valleys, or allow you to simply stroll through gorgeous desert landscapes.

Golfers find just the course for them from among the 10 available year-round in Fruita and nearby. Choose whitewater or calm water river-rafting, attend the plethora of outdoor music and other festivals, or take the kids wandering and wondering through Fruita's dinosaur country or getting some chills and thrills at the Rim Rock Rodeo.

Party in Fruita, Colorado

There are so many things going on all the time in Fruita, you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy whenever you visit western Colorado. From the Fruita Fall Fest, to the Fat Tire Festival, to the Mike, the Headless Chicken Festival, you’ll find tons of fun, excitement, laughter, and friendship among the people who will be there to enjoy some good times with you. If you’re into the music scene, Country Jam and Rock Jam draw huge, fun-loving crowds every year; plan for them early!

Sleep in Fruita, Colorado

Choice is yours when it comes to finding a place to relax after a day of exploring and to rest up to get the energy you'll need for your next day's plans. You want familiar? Fruita has it. Are you ready to try something new and different? Fruita has that, too. Search the offerings for the amenities you want, be they comfort, the spa experience, indoor pools, or simple charm. Take a look at the hospitality Fruita offers...and be sure to make your reservation early.