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While all types of outdoor adventures exist in Fruita, Colorado, there’s truly nothing like escaping into the Colorado wilderness on one of the many hikes in this region. With incredibly diverse terrain and beautiful views of the surrounding Colorado Rockies, Fruita has established itself as one of the premiere hiking destinations in Colorado. Plan a hike through the Glade Park or Colorado National Monument, and take in the gorgeous scenery and local wildlife.

Varied Terrain and Conditions

Area hiking trails can range from red sandstone arches and canyons dotted with green Juniper and Pinyon trees, to arid desert adobe hills and cliffs, and to lush Aspen and pine tree forests & meadows.

Always inquire beforehand as to conditions and climate of the area you wish to hike.

For more information on hiking
contact the Colorado National Monument Association
Phone: 970-858-3617

Hiking Areas

Rattlsesnake Canyon
Glade Park
Colorado National Monument
McInnis Canyons
Hiking Essentials
Water and food
Map and compass
Rain Gear
First Aid kit
Pocket knife
Matches or lighter



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